N.Y. College Settles Lawsuit with Students Who Challenged Campus Speech Codes

By June 22, 2005

Officials at SUNY Brockport College have settled a lawsuit over its regulations of speech on campus and have agreed to eliminate many of those restrictions and run notices in the college newspaper letting students know about the changes.

The lawsuit was brought in a federal district court in Buffalo in June 2004 by two SUNY Brockport students who claimed their First Amendment rights were violated by college policies that regulated speech on campus. Those policies, including the colleges "better community standard" limited what students could say on campus, including making jokes that could be construed as offensive to others or hurt their feelings. The students, who were members of the College Republicans, felt they might be targeted because of their conservative views. They said in the complaint they felt they could not say certain things for a fear of punishment...

Schools: State University of New York – Brockport