Objectivists cited with misconduct

November 20, 2003

By Sarah Halasaz and Alison Knezevich at The Daily Northwestern

Associated Student Government senators voted to adjourn halfway through the group's agenda at its weekly meeting Wednesday night after spending nearly three hours discussing misconduct recommendations.

The Senate ultimately voted to uphold financial- and group-misconduct recommendations against the Objectivist Club for involvement in an anti-affirmative action bake sale Oct. 31.

As a result the ASG-recognized group must schedule all programming and meeting places Winter Quarter through ASG's Executive Committee. In addition, the group cannot use its Student Organization Finance Office account to fund events.

The Executive Committee report charged the group with "ineffectual leadership," misleading the administration to believe that the event was a fund-raiser and operating without a SOFO cash box.

"We need to make sure that they know the rules so this doesn't happen again," said Bryan Tolles, ASG's executive vice president.

Objectivist Club President Igor Dubinsky said the group was disappointed with the decision.

"We were here to defend ourselves for what we thought was a rational audience," said Dubinsky, a Weinberg senior. "But this wasn't about rules broken or whatever hazy guidelines were broken. This was about people disagreeing with our anti-affirmative action bake sale...

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