On the Front Lines of the Fight for Free Speech at Yale

By November 11, 2015

By Greg Lukianoff at The Washington Post

Coincidences can be spooky. Last week, I showed up at Yale University in the middle of a campus crisis—and got drawn into it myself.

I was visiting to give a long-planned lecture on campus free speech. When I showed up, students were in an uproar over an email sent by one of the heads of the very dormitory where I was scheduled to speak.

Enter Erika Christakis, lecturer and associate master of Yale’s Silliman College (for non-Yalies, a dormitory). Erika is open-minded and a consistent critic of groupthink. When Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee sent an e-mail urging students to be sensitive in their choice of Halloween costumes, Erika sent out a thoughtful response asking if such e-mails were in tension with students’ right to autonomy and expression...

Schools: Yale University