PC University: U of Delaware under FIRE for forced ‘reconditioning’

November 1, 2007

In a case of Big Brother gone amuck on a college campus, student group FIRE has fought back at the

University of Delaware for draconian PC “reeducation.”

FIRE (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) contends the students in U of D residence halls are subject to severe ideological reeducation.

They describe an “Orwellian" program that mandates the approximately 7,000 students in

Delaware ’s residence halls to adopt highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy, and environmentalism.

FIRE (a nonprofit foundation that unites civil rights and liberties leaders across the political and ideological spectrum on behalf of individual rights, due process rights and rights of conscience on campuses) is calling for the total dismantling of the program, which they contend is a “flagrant violation of students’ rights to freedom of conscience and freedom from compelled speech...

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