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Photographer escapes charges

December 2, 2005

The Engineering junior who took pictures of a couple apparently having sex against a Hamilton College House window had been accused of sexual harassment and violating Penn's Code of Student Conduct.

Representatives of the photographer called the outcome expected but said the case raises larger questions about how the conduct office operates.

Meanwhile, an attorney for the woman pictured in the now-infamous photograph has said that his client will pursue further legal action.

Officials also plan to drop charges against a second student who took similar photographs, said Andrew Geier, the Psychology graduate student advising the first student.

Geier said the second student took pictures but did not distribute them.

The OSC initially proposed that the Engineering junior be put on disciplinary probation and write a letter of apology and an essay stating what he had done wrong.

The photographer was prepared with a counterproposal yesterday -- that the University dismiss the case and issue an apology -- but the charges were dropped before he could present it.

No University administrators, including OSC Director Michele Goldfarb and President Amy Gutmann, would comment on the matter. Instead, officials issued a brief statement saying that though they had decided to drop the issue, they were still disturbed by the photographer's behavior... Download file "5"

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