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‘Pussycat’ spat roars at Columbia

October 8, 2006

by Michael O'Keeffe

New York Daily News

Aren't people at Ivy League schools supposed to be smart?

Columbia University's administration still doesn't get it when it comes to the First Amendment. After weeks of criticism, the university lifted the semester-long suspension it imposed on the men's hockey club over a sophomoric flyer.

But the club still will be suspended for two preseason, non-league exhibition games.

"Unfortunately, Columbia continues to avoid addressing the underlying free speech concerns about its action," says Samantha Harris of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonpartisan free speech watchdog. "Columbia's president strongly endorses freedom of speech, but the university's actions, here and elsewhere, simply do not match that rhetoric... Download file "'Pussycat' spat roars at Columbia"

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