Report: Clinton Foundation Leader Blocked Conservative Group at U. of Miami

March 30, 2015

By Bethany Bowra at Campus Reform

Donna Shalala, former Department of Health and Human Services secretary and outgoing President of the University of Miami, tried more than once to deny young female students a chance to organize a conservative club on campus.

Shalala’s past attempts to silence conservative activists is resurfacing amidst her new appointment to head-up the Clinton Foundation,

According to reports, the incident occurred during the 2002-03 academic year, during which Colleen Donovan, Andrea Kiser, Nathalia Gillot, and Sarah Canale founded a group called Advocates for Conservative Thought. In order to use university resources and facilities, the club had to be approved and registered with the Committee on Student Groups. However, the process did not occur as smoothly as they hoped it would...

Schools: University of Miami