ROBBY SOAVE: Free Speech Stifled At Colleges

December 5, 2014

By Robby Soave at The Press Enterprise

It’s every college professor’s job to open students’ minds to new – often controversial – ideas.

But many college administrators are hard at work undermining these efforts, erecting unconstitutional barriers between students and viewpoints that might offend them.

The University of California-Davis provides a good example of a typical public university administration’s contempt for open discourse. Until last month, in order to register for classes, UC Davis students were obligated to complete an online activity, “Words that Hurt.” It required students to match several “problematic” words and phrases – like “I raped that exam,” or “I’d hit that” – with the correct explanation for why the word or phrase was deemed unsayable. Students didn’t have to complete the activity correctly, but they did have to finish it. There was no way to register dissent with the university’s bold assertions...

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