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Rounding up the Thought Police

May 9, 2002

By Harvey Silverglate at The Boston Phoenix

A recent Supreme Court decision marks the end of political correctness

THIS MONTH, the United States Supreme Court issued one of the half-dozen most important First Amendment decisions in recent decades. On the surface, the majority opinion in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition looks like the latest in a series that try to draw a line between protected and prohibited sexual images. But in fact the Supreme Court has done far more than that. It’s issued a wake-up call to those who would, under whatever guise, seek to impose on others their ideological agendas by criminalizing thoughts as well as the graphic depiction of those thoughts. In short, this decision protects much more than the freedom to create child porn on a computer; it reaffirms the Constitution’s historic mission of protecting the right to think one’s own thoughts... Download file "Rounding up the Thought Police"

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