Saint Xavier professor defends his right of free speech

By August 7, 2005

With more than 1,820 American soldiers killed in action and 123,000 Iraqi civilian casualties in an unjust, criminal war, I am glad, despite efforts from readers such as Jim Murphy (Public Forum, Aug. 3), that I have not been silenced. And with even greater resonance, I can protest this neo-conservative crusade to expand American geopolitical hegemony throughout the Muslim world. It violates the laws of war and the U.N. charter; it was justified with falsified and criminally negligent intelligence against a defenseless nation, and President George W. Bush is a war criminal in my estimation. In Dan Lavoie's otherwise balanced and artfully written article (Insight, July 31), I would like to correct his reporting of my comments with regard to the political rehabilitation of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. I suggested that allowing him — and I might add his deputy prime minister and former foreign minister, Tariq Aziz — to serve as part of a grand coalition of Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish elements might quell the insurgency and provide for some type of governmental legitimacy that could lead to the removal of our soldiers from this Vietnam quagmire...

Schools: Saint Xavier University