School’s Censorship Policy Doesn’t Fly

October 5, 2012

An attorney believes a student-initiated free-speech effort got the point across to administrators at their Texas college.

"The wall was put up in response to a policy at Sam Houston [that] was actually going to require all student groups to turn over their social media accounts to the university so that they could edit or delete comments that the groups made," Shibley details. "And the students were understandably very upset about that."Sam Houston State University students initiated the free-speech wall to protest the school’s policy that demands access to the students’ private social media sites. But as Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) tells OneNewsNow, one professor took a box cutter to the wall to censor a poster that contained an anti-Obama comment.

Students called the police to protest the teacher’s censorship. And when police sided with the professor, the students took down the posters rather than display comments that required "government approval."

"Ironically, the free-speech wall — by being censored — did the work of alerting Sam Houston State students to the importance of free speech on campus," the attorney concludes.

Following the noticeable protest between students and the school, administrators decided to revoke their policy regarding the intrusion into student social media sites.