School’s Response to Rape Shows Need for Higher Authority

September 11, 2014

By Bob Kellogg at OneNewsNow

An Ohio student who reported to school officials that she was raped was outraged at the meager punishment meted out to her alleged attacker.

A University of Toledo student, who calls herself “Sarah” to hide her real identity, was devastated when school officials imposed upon her alleged attacker a $25 fine and 10 hours of sexual assault education.

Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Right in Education says that the school showed itself to be unable to deal adequately with the situation.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again that schools and colleges are not really qualified to make many of those determinations,” he tells OneNewsNow. “They don’t have the same tools that law enforcement does. They can’t even take testimony under oath.”

He says rather than victims approaching school authorities, they should get the police involved.

“If someone is committing sexual assault, that person should be in jail,” he says. “Whether it be a fine or probation from school or expulsion, those simply aren’t harsh enough of punishments for someone who actually commits the felony crime of sexual assault.”

Sarah has filed a complaint with the Department of Education, alleging that the university’s poor response violated Title IX. She believes UT was biased in favor of the accused and that the school was participating in “victim blaming.”

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