Speech codes would find sexual harassment everywhere

By May 21, 2013

by Bob Kellogg




One of America’s greatest freedoms is the right to free speech. Nonetheless, the government is mandating broader speech codes for universities that threaten that fundamental right

The mandated speech codes from the Departments of Justice and Education are shocking, according to Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He says the proposed speech codes make virtually every student in America guilty of sexual harassment.

“Whether its issues like gay marriage, whether its issues like sexually obscene jokes from comedians or simply asking someone out on a date who doesn’t want to go with you -all of those things are now punishable by order of the federal government,” he explains.

He says the government is ignoring decades of legal decisions, the Constitution and commonsense.

“They’ve reached so far as simply to address speech that is nothing like sexual assault, just simply things that have to do with sex or gender related issues that somebody else might not like, in this attempt to create an environment that is free of offense or anything like that, and its not going to work,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Shibley says the “federal government has put colleges and universities in an impossible position” and has “doomed American campuses to years of confusion and expensive lawsuits.”


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