Stanford Sexual Assault Victim Demands Tougher Sanctions for Offenders

June 7, 2014

By Katy Murphy at The Washington Post

STANFORD, Calif. — A Stanford sexual assault victim, furious that her assailant will be allowed to graduate this month, is demanding tougher sanctions and other changes in university policy.

“Stanford did not expel the man who raped me,” Stanford senior Leah Francis wrote in an open letter that circulated rapidly online this week.

On Thursday, hundreds of men and women converged on White Memorial Plaza to show their support for Francis and call for swifter resolution, stiffer penalties and more support for victims. Carrying signs demanding “Support survivors,” “Punish rapists,” and “No one should have to live in fear,” they marched to the office of the vice provost of student affairs, Greg Boardman, who is considering Francis’ request.Francis’ story has thrust Stanford into a national debate over sexual assault complaints involving students and how those found to be responsible by their campuses should be punished. But the debate also is bringing a rising counter-demand — and lawsuits — for more protection of the rights of students accused of assault...

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