Student Publication that Mocked ‘Safe Spaces’ Seen as Seal Target of Defunding Vote

November 26, 2015

By TJ Jan at The College Fix

The University of California-San Diego has made plain where its values lie: in favor of a failing Marxist-inspired cafe and against an “offensive and hurtful” student tabloid.

Just hours after high-ranking UCSD officials released a statement condemning The Koala, a student-funded publication with a penchant for profanity and pornography, the student government voted to defund all student-funded media.

The editor of The Koala told The College Fix the school was betraying its own values as a “world-class university” and that he was pursuing “legal means” to overturn the defunding vote.

In a statement signed by Chancellor Pradeep Khosla and other vice chancellors, the administration wrote Nov. 18 that The Koala is “profoundly repugnant, repulsive, attacking and cruel.”

Noting the administration doesn’t fund The Koala, the statement called on the UCSD community to “join us in condemning this publication and other hurtful acts.”

The administration didn’t respond to a Fix inquiry about the timing of its statement. The last print run of The Koala, which referred to the chancellor as “Ballsdeep Pradeep,” was more than two weeks ago, though it published a blog post Nov. 16 that mocked safe spaces and used the N-word repeatedly...

Schools: University of California, San Diego