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Student’s Lawsuit Compels UW to Lift RA-Led Bible Study Ban

March 29, 2006

by Jim Brown

Student Lance Steiger had sued the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire over its prohibition of RA-led scripture studies; however, as a result of the new policy, he has agreed to drop the case. In return, the school has agreed to pay Steiger's attorneys' fees and costs and hand him a symbolic damage award of $1.Steiger's attorney, Kevin Theriot with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), says the UW administration's change of heart had everything to do with the lawsuit.In a "very clear case like this one of a violation of a student's free-speech rights," Theriot asserts, particularly "on campus where students are supposed to be learning about the American ideals of free speech -- especially religious speech -- the university has, really, no choice but to change course... Download file "Student's Lawsuit Compels UW to Lift RA-Led Bible Study Ban"

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