Students Sue University Over Policy Banning Pro-Life ‘Cemetery of Innocents’ Display

September 5, 2014

By Michael Gryboski at The Christian Post

A pro-life student organization with chapters across the country has filed a complaint against the University of South Alabama over its "solicitation policy."

Students for Life USA filed a complaint arguing that South Alabama's policy restricted their right to hold an event known as the "cemetery of innocents."

The student organization is being legally represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, which sent an amended complaint to South Alabama last month.

David Hacker, senior legal counsel with ADF, told The Christian Post that a response from the university was expected within the next couple of weeks.

Hacker also told CP that Students for Life became aware of the solicitation policy when they tried to get permission to put up the "cemetery of innocents" display.

"Each time it made a request, the university denied the request based on the solicitation policy, which gave university administrators unbridled discretion to limit speech to a small speech zone that occupied less than 1 percent of campus," said Hacker...

Schools: University of South Alabama