Support FIRE’s Cause by Posting Our Speech Code Widgets

By July 22, 2008

Philadelphia’s relentless heat wave serves as a stark reminder that the dog days of summer will soon be upon uswith the new academic year not far behind. If you’re looking for a way to kick start your brain and get back in touch with the academic community, try placing either of our two speech code widgets on your website or blog to promote FIRE’s work defending campus freedoms around the country.

If you’d like to be kept abreast of the latest and most egregious speech code trends in America’s college community, FIRE’s Speech Code of the Month (SCOTM) Widget will alert you to the latest schools to earn this unwelcome distinction. And for those of you who want to keep tabs on your alma mater or future mater (obviously I’ve been well steeped in the classics), or if you feel the burning need to be aware at all times of, say, Idaho State University’s speech code rating, look no further than FIRE’s original Speech Code Widget.

Visitors clicking on FIRE’s widgets will be taken straight to our website, where they will learn about the speech codes of more than 370 schools in FIRE’s Spotlight database. The widgets automatically update themselves to reflect changes in a school’s speech code, or to reflect FIRE’s latest SCOTM honoree. Aside from being breathtakingly easy to put up, these things get results: in just two years, the traffic generated by FIRE’s widgets has helped lead to the changing of speech codes at nine schools. Not too shabby for what amounts to cutting and pasting a few lines of Javascript.

As if the combination of real results and minimal effort isn’t enough of a win-win, we’ll even send you a gift for helping us out. Email us a link to your website with FIRE’s SCOTM Widget, and we’ll send you a free FIRE mug. Send us the link to your site with our Speech Code Widget, and a free FIRE t-shirt is as good as yours.

So, the next time you have a few minutes, consider getting to your computer, putting FIRE’s widgets on your website, and helping FIRE protect free speech and individual liberties on America’s campuses. Then get back outside, while there’s still some summer left.