The Taboos Crumble, And Free Speech Is Threatened

November 12, 2014

By Suzanne Fields at The Washington Times

The more vulgar the culture gets, the more squeamish the keepers of the rules. The more verbal and visual taboos we break, the greater the threat to free speech.

The National Football League institutes a 15-yard penalty for a football player who uses the n-word. If he uses it a second time, he’s benched. This is the word with a cruel racist history, but which is now used as a term of affection if the person of the right color uses it. It’s a word heard 500,000 times a day, reports The Washington Post in a front-page story that examines the way the n-word has spread through the popular culture, punctuating rap music, video games and conversational exchanges in stage, screen (of various sizes) and radio. That doesn’t include the way the epithet echoes through the hallways of almost any high school...

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