The Feds Crack Down on the University of Montana

October 1, 2013

by John Leo

Here's another Orwellian intervention at a U.S. university by the Federal Government: in response to feminist pressure about the handling (under Title IX and Title IV) of sexual harassment and sexual assault cases on campus, the University of Montana agreed to accept a resolution agreement with the Department of Justice and the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights. The agreement commits the university to "train" its students and employees, including teachers and administrators, on how to avoid sex-based violations. In addition, the university is committed to hire a bureaucrat to oversee the program on campus. (It already has a full-time Title IX appointee and now must add another bureaucrat known as an "Equity Consultant" acceptable to the OCR.) Also the university must provide the feds with the names of those who have undergone the mandatory training and as well as those who have failed or declined to undergo it...