The unpatriotic act

June 9, 2008

When people worry about their right to freedom of speech, they generally think about the government.

Some hysterically point to the Patriot Act, for instance, as an infringement on our civil rights. Where's the line of victims?

Certainly we must always be wary of governments, especially when they say they're here to help. But in truth, convention and the courts have done a pretty good job over the decades of protecting us from government censorship.

Often, the threat to our freedom of speech comes from outside the government -- particularly from political correctness.

One of the most outrageous examples comes from so-called "speech codes" on college campuses.

Each month, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education -- a nonprofit organization ( dedicated to preserving free speech on campuses, highlights a particular speech code. This month, it's at Tufts University in Massachusetts...

Schools: Tufts University