Too Many Things Qualify As Rape Under U. Of Kansas Policies, Task Force Says

May 7, 2015

By Matt Lamb at The College Fix

Students at the University of Kansas may soon be able to play “sexually suggestive music” without running afoul of the school’s harassment code.

The Sexual Assault Task Force, convened last fall by Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, released 27 recommendations Friday for revising policies around sexual violence, included the “suggestive” tweak.

While the report suggests clarifying and revising some definitions related to sexual violence – especially those that seem prudish by modern standards – it still leaves many broad definitions untouched.

Under “Recommendations for Policy and Process Improvement,” the task force recommends clarifying the definition of “incapacitation” in order to differentiate between “wrongful” and “permissible” conduct.

A university spokeswoman told The College Fix by email that the school defines incapacitation as an “inability to make informed, rational judgments.”

When substances are involved, “incapacitation” refers to how “alcohol or drugs consumed” can affect decision-making, including consequences and judgments, the spokeswoman said, responding on behalf of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access...

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