Top one reason to censor unfunny lists

October 23, 2008

When a list of "Top Ten Gun Safety Tips" begins with "Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, such as at a hippy or a Communist," you know two things:

1) Some conservative group is involved.

2) You won't be rolling in tears of laughter by the time you finish the list. ("Hippy"? Why, you can't tell the boys from the girls these days, what with the long hair and all....)

A third thing is now known, however: If you distribute the list at a college, you're going to get threatened with punishment.

Officials at Lone Star College-Tomball (Motto: "You've never heard of us") confiscated the fliers which contained the list, which were being handed out by the Young Conservatives of Texas during "club rush." They've talked of forcing the group to disband, says one lawyer...

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