UNF’s ‘Green Light’ to Benefit Everyone on Campus

September 25, 2015

By Bob Kellogg at OneNewsNow

A university in Florida has earned the coveted “green light” rating from an organization that aims to “defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities.”

Azhar Majeed of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) says by eliminating all of its unconstitutional speech codes, the University of North Florida has earned a “green light” rating — the foundation’s top ranking when it comes to free speech on campuses.

“This is our fifth ‘green light’ school of this year. Typically these kinds of policy changes can be hard to come by,” he tells OneNewsNow, “so we’re definitely happy about the forward momentum and the positive results that we’ve had this year.”

The school began working with FIRE one year ago, when one of its policies had a “red light” and three others had “yellow light” ratings.

“It was a somewhat long process, but the school was very cooperative with us on changing their policies,” Majeed reports. “They sincerely seemed to want to make their policies better and more compliant with the First Amendment. That’s really to their benefit and to the benefit of the students and faculty members there.”

The University of North Florida, after the University of Florida, is the second university in the state to earn a “green light” rating.

Schools: University of North Florida