UNH backs off sanctions in ‘Freshman 15’ sign incident

By November 2, 2004

DURHAM — The University of New Hampshire sophomore who was kicked out of his dorm last week after posting fliers ridiculing women who used the elevator had three violations of harassment and disorderly conduct dropped by the university.


Now the civil liberties organization representing the student is asking the remaining charge and sanctions be dropped and "allow him to return his life to some semblance of normality."


The university lifted three out of the four violations last week, allowing the student, Timothy Garneau, 20, of Berlin, to move back in the dorms but not necessarily to his old room.


But Garneau is not moving back in just yet since he is still appealing the new punishment by the university.


Garneau had all but one violation — dishonesty — removed. New sanctions attached to the violation include disciplinary probation through May 30, 2006; an ethics meeting with Judicial Affairs by Nov. 15 and relocation to another dorm if space is available...

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