UNH student back — in new dorm

November 16, 2004

DURHAM — The University of New Hampshire student booted from his dorm for posting fliers that made fun of freshman women gaining weight has moved back in to campus housing.

Timothy Garneau, 20, moved in to a new dormitory Friday, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a non-profit group that aims to protect free speech at colleges.

“We are relieved that UNH has discovered its obligation to the Bill of Rights and that (Garneau) is back indoors,” said David French, president of FIRE. “But the university should never have put a student on trial and evicted him for posting a flier.”

Garneau was kicked out of Stoke Hall on Oct. 24 after UNH found him responsible for harassment, disorderly conduct, violating affirmative action policies and lying for posting the fliers. He had been living out of his Ford Contour for the past few weeks.

The Berlin native said he posted the fliers in Stoke on Sept. 3 to draw attention to the long waits for an elevator which Garneau said were caused by some students taking the lift just one or two floors. Garneau lived on the sixth floor of Stoke.

Garneau’s fliers read, “9 out of 10 freshman girls gain 10 -15 pounds. But there is something you can do about it. If u live below the 6th floor takes the stairs Not only will u feel better about yourself but you will also be saving us time and wont be sore on the eyes.”(sic)

Garneau initially denied making the fliers but soon owned up to them. UNH had banned Garneau from campus housing but appeared to change its decision after FIRE publicized the incident.

UNH officials have declined to comment on Garneau’s case because of federal privacy laws which prohibit the release of certain student records.

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