The University Of Kentucky Will Be Restricting Your Right To Free Speech. But They Will Email You A Survey About The Experience

January 22, 2015

By Ashley Dobson at Red Alert Politics

The publicly-funded University of Kentucky will be restricting your freedom of speech this year. But don’t worry, they’re going to politely ask you exactly how you would like them to do it.

With the promise of winning basketball tickets and $250 scholarships, the university’s student government recently emailed out a survey to all students asking them to choose their preferred free speech policy for the school, Campus Reform reported.

But actually having the free speech across the public campus was not an option on the survey. Students could only choose between a “single designated free speech zone in a specific location on campus,” “multiple designated free speech zones in various locations across campus, ” or “no preference.”

“The sole purpose and substance of Student Government is to advocate and protect students’ rights as it is listed in the preamble of the student government constitution. The question as presented on the language of the survey strongly suggests a violation to the University of Kentucky’s Student Government’s purpose and Constitution, but more importantly the Constitution of the United States of America as set by common law precedent and example,” Michael Frazier, a junior philosophy, political science, and economics major at UK told Campus Reform.

“These careless actions are disrespectful towards its own purpose and an embarrassing abdication of the responsibilities charged to Student Government as they serve at the privilege of the students.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has previously given the university a “yellow light” rating for its restrictive free speech policies. This means the school has at least one ambiguous speech policy and this kind of “free speech zone” is unlikely to help that rating.

But hey, at least they emailed, right?

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