The University of Michigan vs. the First Amendment: James Varney

February 9, 2015

By James Varney at

As an Ohioan by blood, I know some awful things have come out of the University of Michigan. The very word "Michigan" is one I strive not to use in polite conversation.

Ironically, it's now Michigan that's going to war with language. The school has spent $16,000 on an "inclusive language" campaign that seeks to make certain words and phrases forbidden.

It's remarkable that, years after Michael Scott exposed the word on "The Office,"left-wing hotbeds still need to spend thousands telling students they shouldn't say "retarded."

Nevertheless, there is such a thing as free speech and the University of Michigan is a public institution. If an undergraduate wants to go around calling other people "retarded" that student should be free to do so, just as other students would then be free to consider that classmate a fool and someone to avoid. Then the stupid speaker would be a loner heading over to the mental health clinic and we'd be talking about more teenage suicide prevention money...

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