University Student Disciplined For Objecting to Lesbianism

July 29, 2005

Jihad Daniel is a Muslim grad-student at William Paterson University . He received a mass e-mail from a professor inviting him to a film about lesbian relationships. At the bottom of the note it said to reply, and so he did. Greg Lukianoff is with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education ( FIRE ).

“This is all he said. Do not send me any e-mail about ‘Connie and Sally’ and ‘Adam and Steve.’ These are perversions. The absence of God in higher education brings on confusion that is why in these classes the Creator of the heavens and the earth is never mentioned.”

The private response from Mr. Daniel to the professor in the women’s studies department triggered the fireworks.

“The professor who sent the e-vite to everyone claimed that she felt threatened and that this was harassment and discrimination.”

Mr. Daniel received a reprimand from the president of the college saying he violated state discrimination regulations. Even the New Jersey Attorney General is backing the school according to Jeremy Tedesco of the Alliance Defense Fund.

“In their pursuit of tolerance they are completely intolerant of anybody who doesn’t accept their viewpoint. Simply expressing a negative viewpoint about a lifestyle choice does not come to the level of harassment that you can be punished for. That’s simply unconstitutional. The schools are not permitted to do that. The first amendment trumps their interest in non-discrimination – and it also points up the question of what is discrimination-what is harassment.”

Daniel’s appeals to the University have been rejected and the incident is on his permanent record. FIRE is threatening a lawsuit if the school doesn’t reconsider. William Paterson University did not respond to our requests for an interview.

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