‘Unlearning Liberty’

January 3, 2013

by Allie Grasgreen

Inside Higher Ed

In spring of 2007, Valdosta State University student Hayden Barnes was expelled for posing a “clear and present danger” to campus. To protest an expensive and environmentally unfriendly parking garage, Barnes had created a collage illustrating potential dangers the garage might cause (smog, environmental destruction, etc.) and posted it on Facebook, calling the project the “[Valdosta State President Ronald] Zaccari Memorial Parking Garage. The “memorial” bit referred to Zaccari’s calling the garage part of his legacy, but the president, who had been assured Barnes was harmless, claimed to take it as an “indirect” threat against his life and unilaterally decided Barnes deserved no due process. After nearly a year of jumping through hoops, Barnes managed to get readmitted after filing a lawsuit with help from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. But by then, he didn’t want to go back...

Schools: Syracuse University Claremont University Consortium Valdosta State University University of Delaware