The Upside of Your Dark Side, Free Speech, and ‘Problems of Comfort’

By January 28, 2015

By Greg Lukianoff at The Huffington Post

Before we leave the first month of 2015 I need to say, 2014 was a great year for mass market, non-narrative non-fiction (which I call, for simplicity's sake, "popular non-fiction"). As I confessed last March, I am a huge booster of the genre, not as a guilty pleasure, but rather as a forum for America to have some of its most interesting intellectual discussions. I love it in large part because having to communicate to a mass audience disciplines the writer and makes it more difficult for them to hide behind the jargon and articles of faith of their academic field, while, at the same time, valuably exposing their ideas to criticism from the common sense perspectives of readers of wildly varied disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences...