Valdosta State Case Puts College Officials On Notice: You Can’t Violate The First Amendment

July 31, 2015

By George Leef at Forbes

Occasionally, you come across a legal case so strange that it makes you stop and wonder, “Is this even for real?”

Such a case has recently come to an end with a strong victory for student free speech rights and an equally strong rebuke to the idea many college administrators seem to have that they hold king-like powers on campus. The facts are as follows.

In early 2007, Hayden Barnes was a student at Valdosta State University in Georgia (VSU) when school officials announced plans to build a new parking garage using $30 million in student fee money. Barnes, an avid environmentalist, opposed the plan and made his opposition known. He posted flyers, wrote a letter to the campus paper and sent emails to the faculty senate, the Board of Regents, and to President Zaccari...

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