VIDEO: Public school bans students from handing out Constitutions on Constitution Day

September 19, 2013

by Timothy Dionisopoulos on Campus Reform.

Officials at a public university in California were caught on video on Tuesday preventing a student from handing out Constitutions in a public area.

According to video recorded by a student, campus security approached students who were handing out small pocket Constitutions to inform them that they had to have permission to distribute such materials on Modesto Junior College (MJC) grounds.

The video was originally uploaded by MJC student Robert Van Tuinen and depicts campus security informing him of rules for engaging in such political activity.

The officer then accompanied Van Tuinen into a building and informed him that students must be part of an official student group and follow an official process to solicit on campus.

Van Tuinen identified himself as the leader of a newly formed chapter of the organization Young Americans for liberty, a libertarian-oriented organization centered on colleges around the country.

“Why is there a process for my free speech?” said Van Tuinen.

“Because you are a student here at the college,” replied the officer.

“But it’s a public school on a public ground and the First Amendment says I have a right to free speech and free assembly,” argued Van Tuinen.

At this point the officer claimed Van Tuinen was acting in a hostile manner.

“The way that you are acting right now towards me shows me that you obviously came here to already cause a problem on campus you’re shaking, you’re upset, your facial features tell me otherwise, you’re trying to get me into an argument,” he said. “I’m not here to have an argument...

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