Waiting Games Goes on For Professor Caught in Marquette Speech Battle

March 31, 2015

By M.D. Kittle at WisconsinWatchdog.org

MADISON, Wis. – There aren’t many academicians who know more about John F. Kennedy’s assassination than John McAdams.

The Marquette University political science professor wrote the book on the conspiracy theories surrounding the 35th president’s public murder — and the web page.

His work, described as “impressively comprehensive,” has spanned a 40-year academic career, most of which he has spent at Marquette.

Now McAdams’ professional fate, in large part, rests in the hands of a jury of his peers presiding over one of the more intriguing speech- and academic-freedom cases to confront a U.S. college campus.This nationally respected professor’s career, however, remains in limbo, some say subject to assassination by Marquette administration...

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