We’ve Only Just Begun

April 16, 2001

By Stanley Kurtz at National Review

The culture wars are far from over.

A funny thing happened to the Sixties radicals on their way to dominance of America's key cultural institutions. They got flanked. No sooner did Hollywood, the Times, the Post, and the networks fall within the radicals' grasp, than pesky little upstarts like talk radio, Fox, Drudge, and NRO began to make themselves known. That's hardly surprising. The hippies and antiwar activists were never a majority of their generation to begin with. It would be foolish to deny the profound cultural damage done by the long march of the radicals through our nation's premier institutions, but equally foolish to pretend that those institutions wield total control over the country. After all, George Bush is president. That didn't happen because the mainstream media is unbiased. It happened because they're not the only game in town...