What I’m thankful for

November 21, 2006

While I generally highlight all that’s wrong with higher education – from liberal indoctrination in the classroom to political correctness censoring conservatives – there is much to be thankful for this year. While much still must be done to influence those in power to fix a system that is bias towards conservatives, there has been much success and for that, I am thankful.

I am thankful for Michigan voters who overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2, which bans “affirmative action programs in […] higher education admission.” Realizing that one’s race should not garner anyone special points when applying to school, the voters approved a common sense bill that tells government-run colleges to admit students who are actually qualified to study in their classrooms. Affirmative action programs seek to give special treatment and handouts to minority applicants because advocates feel they couldn’t possibly achieve success on their own. This racist view has collapsed in Michigan and one can only hope other states take note. When we have citizens who are confident enough in their abilities and are willing to put in extra effort to overcome any so-called “white privileges,” we are only making our citizenry stronger.

I am thankful for the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), a non-profit group that helps bring light to the rash of conservative newspaper thefts on college campuses. I recently reported on a frightening trend on college campuses where student-run papers are being targeted by vandals and thieves because of their conservative messages – which include support for the War on Terrorism. SPLC helps bring light to these acts of vandalism and offers solutions to this problem. Without these papers, many campuses across this country are offered no alternative view to the liberal “cut and run” mantra coming from the professors and the administration.

I am thankful for Columbia University rescinding their ludicrous punishment against their school’s hockey team. In early October, I reported to you that the prudes in the administration took offense to a bawdy poster created by the hockey team. In an effort to push the notion that no one can ever feel offended, Columbia University overreacted with a grossly unfair punishment: suspending the team for their season. After free-speech groups like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education brought attention to the incident, Columbia University rescinded their punishment, allowing the team to compete after all.

I am thankful to a Select Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that found the State’s public colleges and universities are not protecting academic freedom, and serious changes must occur. They recommended that “Public institutions of higher education within the Commonwealth should be required to review existing academic freedom policies and procedures and establish a student-specific academic freedom policy that includes student rights and a detailed grievance procedure is readily-available.” This is terrific news for conservative students who can be targeted for expressing conservative views on national security on campuses that are often hostile to those who don’t tow the liberal party lines.

I am thankful for ROTC students in San Francisco who refuse to sit quietly as the loony left who run the city ban a program that they love. In mid-November, the San Francisco school board decided to end the popular ROTC program on campuses because of the military’s stance on gays, even though gays are allowed to enroll in the ROTC, and because they see this – ahem! – as a chance to recruit students into the military. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “At least 100 cadets edged into Franklin Street waving their signs [of protest] before being pushed back to the sidewalk by their ROTC instructors.” While the school board may not see the need for a strong military and a citizenry that respects what they do, these ROTC cadets are aware of the importance of our military. I hope they continue to show support and do what they can to overturn this foolish and politically-motivated decision.

Finally, I am thankful that you, dear reader, are troubled by the state of American colleges and universities, where it almost seems like some in the Ivory Tower actually want us to lose the War on Terror just because they hate our President. As our educators try to weaken the resolve of our college-aged citizens and even stop them from hearing all sides of important national issues, it is integral to our national security that you continue to help bring light to the leftist Professors, the unreasonable administrators, and the quirky hippie students.