WSU revises conduct code

By August 8, 2006

Washington State University recently released a new draft of its student conduct code, replacing a previous draft that was criticized for violating the right to free speech.

The new draft seems to be written to carefully match the First Amendment, said Mitch Pickerill, a political science professor at WSU.

Pickerill had concerns that the last draft could have been used to sanction speech.

WSU released the previous draft in February. It was slated to go to the board of regents in May. Administrators decided to wait because of the concerns students, faculty and staff had with the code.

WSU didn’t want to pass anything arbitrarily over the summer, without student input, so administrators decided to wait until fall to continue the process, said Al Jamison, vice president for student affairs at WSU.

The new draft doesn’t address the main concerns students had with the code, said Robert Easterly, coordinator for intercultural leadership initiatives and student development.

The conduct code doesn’t allow someone who files a complaint to follow up with it through the process, he said. The person with complaints doesn’t have access to the file on the case because of laws protecting the accused. The person who filed the complaint wouldn’t know the conduct board’s final decision, unless the person who was accused signed a release of that information...