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WVU labeled ‘red light’ school over free speech

September 24, 2005

MORGANTOWN - Under pressure from a lawsuit and student/faculty protests, West Virginia University abandoned a "free speech zone" policy that limited public debate to certain areas on campus in 2002.

But nearly three years later, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) calls the school a "red light" university when it comes to free speech.

So why is FIRE putting its brakes on when it comes to WVU?

"There are two primary ways in which speech codes violate the First Amendment: One, by being over broad and two, by being vague," Samantha Harris, a program officer at FIRE said. "WVU maintains policies that are over broad and policies that are vague, earning it a 'red light... Download file "WVU labeled 'red light' school over free speech"

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