Yale Students Fight for Change, say Racism on Campus goes Deeper than just Ignorance

November 14, 2015

By Ed Stannard at New Haven Register

NEW HAVEN >> The central issue that has caused such an uproar atYale University, say many students, is racism and working to erase it and other forms of discrimination from campus life.

While there have been episodes in the last two weeks that have put the focus on free speech and whether it’s being suppressed, those are minor compared to the real problems of race relations at the Ivy League school, those students say.

Complaints by columnists and national media outlets that students have tried to suppress free speech are a “toxic diversion,” in the words of Brett Davidson, a senior.

“At least in my community of friends, the free-speech arguments are missing the point,” he said last week. “No one is being censored.”

That point is disputed by those at a conference on free speech held Nov. 6, where a protester was forcibly removed by police and where demonstrators chanted loudly in the hallway when a speaker made a joke they perceived as racist toward Native Americans...

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