You have gall but I have Town Hall

September 10, 2003

By Mike Adams at Townhall

Dear University Advancement Office: I just went down the hall to check my mail and noticed that you sent me a letter today asking for an “employee contribution” to help the university in this time of budgetary crisis. I put the letter on top of the one from human resources reminding me that my $172 parking fee was due next week. Below that, there is a letter informing me that my health insurance costs are going up next month. At the bottom of the stack, there is a letter saying that I will not be getting a pay-raise again this year. But enough talk about that, you asked about a donation.

Before I take out my checkbook, I was wondering whether you could answer a few questions concerning the last time we talked back in the fall of 2001. You will recall that it was shortly after the 911 terror attacks when I received an e-mail from a socialist student (whose mom is also a university administrator) blaming the 911 attacks on the Unites States Government. You probably remember that I responded to her diatribe against America by saying that it was “bigoted,” “unintelligent,” and “immature.” I then forwarded her response because she had asked me to do so in her e-mail.

Shortly after that, the administration got involved. Provost John Cavanaugh called to inform me that the student was accusing me of “libel” after he scolded me for making the student “look bad” by forwarding her e-mail (again, because she asked me to). He indicated that the university might be forced to open a number of my e-mails against my objections in order to find evidence of “libel.” That was when I got the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education involved in the case.

FIRE’s Thor Halvorssen got in touch with Town Hall columnist Suzanne Fields. After she wrote an editorial mentioning the controversy, it became a national news item. Both your office and the Provost’s Office expressed indignation because Fields’ article said that the Provost had visited my office when, in fact, he had only called me on the phone to let me know that trouble was brewing over my constitutionally protected remarks.

However, I noticed that the university lost its interest in punctilious accuracy a few weeks later when contacted by another Town Hall columnist named John Leo. He called the day after the university had read my personal e-mails in search of evidence that I had “libeled” the aforementioned socialist daughter of an administrator. Leo simply asked another UNCW administrator whether the university had read my e-mails. The administrator stated unequivocally that none of my emails had been read. Big mistake.

After Leo wrote an article published on Town Hall the public learned the truth about the university’s capitulation to the demands of my student accuser and her mommy. Among those learning the truth was Sean Hannity, who promptly invited me to appear on a show that he co-hosts with a liberal commentator. I can’t remember the liberal guy’s name so we’ll just call it the “Hannity” show. In the end, it was a public relations disaster for the university, from which I hope they learned a valuable lesson.

I certainly learned a valuable lesson that semester. Now I know that when university administrators mislead the public, Town Hall is there to set the record straight.

That may have been the biggest, but it wasn’t the last free speech controversy here at UNC-Wilmington. In 2002, I was outraged when the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) refused to allow a local crisis pregnancy center (CPC) to advertise on the WRC website alongside Planned Parenthood. Rather than suing the WRC, I simply wrote an article exposing their hypocrisy. Eventually, they removed the information for Planned Parenthood-although I wanted them to instead add the CPC’s information. The whole incident was publicized in an article I wrote for a Town Hall member group called AgapePress.

Later, the university refused a request to reference articles on its website, which argue that homosexuality is incompatible with the Bible. This was despite the fact that they had already referenced sixteen articles arguing that they were compatible. The university’s hypocrisy was exposed in a subtle article I wrote for Town Hall entitled “Narrow-Minded Religious Bigots.”

By now, you get the picture. Driven by a hypocritical diversity movement, the university has been responsible for damaging the First Amendment. But driven by the First Amendment, Town Hall has been responsible for damaging the diversity movement. This leads me to a rather easy decision. The good news is that you have convinced me to write a check.

The bad news is, I’m writing it to my friends at Town Hall. Moreover, I am encouraging everyone I know to do the same.


Mike S. Adams

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