You Thought “Disinvitation Season” Was Over

May 19, 2014

By Jane S. Shaw at National Review Online

It isn’t.

More than 60 students and alumni of the Harvard Graduate School of Education have protested the selection of Michael Johnston, a Democratic state senator in Colorado, as commencement speaker.  In a rather verbose letter (what are they teaching at that school? not writing), the group of several dozen has asked the school to rescind his invitation. The pith:

Senator Johnston embraces a vision of education reform that relies heavily on test-based accountability while weakening the due process protections of teachers, a vision that we believe ultimately harms students and communities.

Truly a dangerous person (in spite of being a Democrat).

This commencement season seems the most disrupted in recent years. Thanks to Robert Shibley and his colleagues at FIRE for coining the term “disinvitation season” and asking that it end!

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