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Andre Massena was almost expelled from SUNY Binghamton after he publicly criticized a faculty member he thought was responsible for social injustice. With FIRE’s help, Andre graduated.

Michigan State University (MSU) joined FIRE’s Red Alert list after finding student government leader Kara Spencer guilty of “spamming” and misuse of university resources for criticizing the administration’s plan to change the school calendar. Spencer had carefully selected and e-mailed 391 faculty members to encourage them to express their views on the proposed changes. Despite the fact that Spencer merely wished to alert a small percentage of the campus communityroughly 8 percent of MSU’s facultyto an important administrative decision, MSU found her to be in violation of the university’s Network Acceptable Use Policy and of engaging in an “unauthorized” use of the MSU network. After FIRE intervened, MSU dropped the charges but made its policy even more restrictive. Read Full Article

Speech Code Rating

Michigan State University has been given a speech code rating of Red. You may read more about this institution’s speech codes at this page.

A red light university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. Read more here.

FIRE Cases at Michigan State University

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