misuse of computers

August 28, 2013

Misuse of computing resources includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Using University computer networking systems and resources for obscene purposes or in a pervasively profane manner, including but not limited to use which may bring into public disrepute the University’s identity and image as a tolerant and serious institution of higher learning.

Using these resources in a manner, or with the intention, to inflict mental harassment, to intimidate, or to invade the privacy of any particular individual in a manner that is extreme or outrageous in the sense of being intolerable to reasonable members of a civilized society and which, in the case of other students, faculty, staff, administrators or members of the University, interferes with their ability to exercise their rights to participate fully in the purpose, mission, education, and life of the University.

Using these resources to threaten any particular individual with violence, to engage in that which naturally and directly tends to provoke acts of violence, or a breach of the peace by the person to whom, individually, the conduct or remarks are addressed.