National and Local Media Spill a Lot of Ink on New NC ‘Right-to-Counsel’ Law

September 3, 2013

On August 23, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill into law that made the state the first in the country to grant public university students facing non-academic disciplinary charges the right to an attorney. Since its signing, the landmark piece of legislation has received widespread media coverage. Outlined below is a brief recap of some of the most prominent coverage: “North Carolina Becomes First State to Guarantee Students Option for Lawyer in Disciplinary Hearings,” Inside Higher Ed “North Carolina Now the First State to Give College Students the Right to an Attorney,” Red Alert Politics “North Carolina Students Granted Right to Attorney at Campus Courts,” The Washington Free Beacon “North Carolina Allows Students Legal Representation in University Disciplinary Hearings,” Reason Online “NC Law Allows University Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” Charlotte Observer “NC Law Allows University Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” News & Observer (different version of story) “Who’s Afraid of Lawyers?,” Minding the Campus “New Law Gives North Carolina Public College Students the Right to a Lawyer in Campus Courts,” American Bar Association Journal “EDITORIAL: Constitution-Free Campuses,” The Washington Times “New Law Allows NC Students to Hire Attorneys for Campus Disciplinary Hearings,” News 14 Carolina “Law Gives Students Right to Attorney,” The Daily Tar Heel “Balancing the Scales for Students,” News & Observer “NC Law Allows College Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” Technician Online As more coverage of North Carolina’s right-to-counsel law rolls in over the coming weeks, we will continue to update you here on The Torch.

Cases:  University of North Carolina System: Law Guaranteeing Right to Counsel