National and Local Media Spill a Lot of Ink on New NC ‘Right-to-Counsel’ Law

September 3, 2013

On August 23, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill into law that made the state the first in the country to grant public university students facing non-academic disciplinary charges the right to an attorney. Since its signing, the landmark piece of legislation has received widespread media coverage. Outlined below is a brief recap of some of the most prominent coverage:

  • “North Carolina Becomes First State to Guarantee Students Option for Lawyer in Disciplinary Hearings,” Inside Higher Ed
  • “North Carolina Now the First State to Give College Students the Right to an Attorney,” Red Alert Politics “
  • North Carolina Students Granted Right to Attorney at Campus Courts,” The Washington Free Beacon
  • “North Carolina Allows Students Legal Representation in University Disciplinary Hearings,” Reason Online
  • “NC Law Allows University Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” Charlotte Observer
  • “NC Law Allows University Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” News & Observer (different version of story)
  • “Who’s Afraid of Lawyers?,” Minding the Campus
  • “New Law Gives North Carolina Public College Students the Right to a Lawyer in Campus Courts,” American Bar Association Journal
  • “EDITORIAL: Constitution-Free Campuses,” The Washington Times
  • “New Law Allows NC Students to Hire Attorneys for Campus Disciplinary Hearings,” News 14 Carolina
  • “Law Gives Students Right to Attorney,” The Daily Tar Heel
  • “Balancing the Scales for Students,” News & Observer
  • “NC Law Allows College Students Facing Discipline to Hire an Attorney,” Technician Online

As more coverage of North Carolina’s right-to-counsel law rolls in over the coming weeks, we will continue to update you here on The Torch.

Cases:  University of North Carolina System: Law Guaranteeing Right to Counsel