New England 2012 Campus Muzzle Award-Winners

July 13, 2012

The Boston Phoenix has released its 2012 "Campus Muzzle Awards," given annually to the most egregious free speech violators in New England. FIRE co-founder and Chairman Harvey Silverglate selects the "winners" each year for the Phoenix.

This year’s list, which recognizes noteworthy acts of censorship since last July, includes Boston College for failing to adequately stand up for its own scholars when faced with a court-issued subpoena, as well as Bridgewater State University, whose president, Dana Mohler-Faria, threatened student newspaper The Comment’s existence for its reporting on a "Take Back the Night" rally.

But Harvard University swept the competition for worst free speech abusers, responsible for a whopping three of the most egregious assaults on campus free speech. Last summer, Harvard effectively fired economics professor Subramanian Swamy based on the content of an editorial he wrote halfway across the world. Then in September, the university sought to get all incoming freshmen to sign a "kindness pledge." And in November, Harvard locked its gates for six weeks during the Occupy Harvard protests.

Check out the full article on the Phoenix website.