New FIRE Video: “Silencing U: Five Outrageous Cases of Campus Censorship

October 3, 2011

Check out FIRE’s new video about some of the worst cases in FIRE history, featuring first-hand accounts of the extremes universities will go to just to silence ideas. From the story of Hayden Barnes, who was thrown off campus for a Facebook post, to the Orwellian thought-reform program at the University of Delaware, this eye-opening video brings to life the wide variety of threats to freedom on campuses across the country and how FIRE combats them. If you care about free speech on campus, or if you have a friend who could use an introduction to FIRE, this video is for you. The more people who know the truth about the state of liberty on campus, the more powerful FIRE’s fight for reform can be. Thanks to FIRE supporter Larry Post for making this video possible!