New First Amendment Library features: Overview essays and Roberts Court page

February 20, 2017

FIRE’s First Amendment Library now includes two new features! Located in the Special Collections section, the new “First Amendment Overview Essays” collection and the “Roberts Court Free Speech First Amendment Cases” pages contain foundational information we hope will help expand public knowledge about both First Amendment issues generally, and the impact on case law that the U.S. Supreme Court has had under the leadership of Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

The overview essay collection gives succinct, yet thorough explanations of major areas in First Amendment law and scholarship. If you’ve ever wondered what constitutes “fighting words” or “defamation” and how courts apply those terms, these essays are at your service. The collection currently includes essays from Vanderbilt law professor David Hudson Jr., and First Amendment Library Board of Advisors member, Lee Levine.

This collection will continuously expand, so check back for updates.

On the “Roberts Court Free Speech First Amendment Cases” page you’ll find a list of all free speech cases decided on First Amendment grounds from the Roberts Court. Each item notes whether or not the Court sustained the First Amendment claim in question. This analysis was put together by our library’s editor-in-chief, Ronald K.L. Collins. This page will also be updated as the Court hears new cases and hands down new decisions.

FIRE hopes these new features, and the library as a whole, can help those interested in First Amendment advocacy understand the terminology and cases that inform the current conflicts and discussions around free speech on college campuses.