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[INFOGRAPHIC] Free Speech Zones on America's Campuses

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Free speech zones”—the name sounds good, right? The sad truth is that free speech zones are far from free. Many college campuses restrict free speech solely to these areas, meaning that the rest of campus is not open for expression. FIRE recently dug into its Spotlight database to see just how many of these policies exist around the country. The results are eye-opening. Check out our findings in this informative infographic, and share it with others to raise awareness of this threat to campus speech.

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See the infographic at full size - PDF

Facts to Share:

  • 1 in 6 of America’s 400 top colleges have "free speech zones." - Tweet this
  • If all of Texas Tech’s students had wanted to use its former free speech zone at once, they would have had to be crushed down to the density of Uranium 238. - Tweet this
  • U. of Cincinnati’s former free speech zone comprised just 0.1% of the campus. - Tweet this
  • Many students must wait 5–10 business days to use a free speech zone. - Tweet this
  • 70 schools make FIRE’s list of unconstitutional “free speech zones.” - Tweet this

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