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Rights in the News: Summer's Over for Red Alert Schools as FIRE's 'U.S. News' Ad Kicks off Historic Campaign

The new semester is now firmly upon us, and what better way for FIRE to ring it in than with a full page ad in U.S. News & World Report calling attention to the worst violators of campus rights? Yeah, we couldn't think of a better one either. And this is just the beginning. The U.S. News ad is only the opening bell of the largest advertising campaign in FIRE's history. Greg has been blogging FIRE's campaign through the week at The Huffington Post, including his entries on FIRE's student newspaper ads at Brandeis University and Michigan State University. The Volokh Conspiracy and Instapundit are among the major sites to prominently feature FIRE's U.S. News ad, which has been drawing thousands of new visitors to FIRE's website throughout the week. Much, much more is on the way.

In other news—as if this all isn't news enough—former FIRE intern and Brandeis undergraduate Daniel Ortner has hit the ground running, with his editorial today in The Brandeis Hoot on the controversy swirling around the Yale University Press's decision to exclude cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed from an upcoming book. See also Jessica Corry's article in Human Events, prompted by Kelly's brilliant dismantling of a comment in the Harvard Law Review.

And stay tuned. Summer may be over, but FIRE's fall campaign is just heating up.

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