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Silverglate on “The Cambridge Empire Strikes Back”

FIRE Chairman and Co-founder Harvey Silverglate and FIRE Program Associate Kyle Smeallie have an article on Minding the Campus describing the results of Harvey's run for the Harvard University Board of Overseers. Harvey came close to being elected but didn't quite make it (Harvey missed by 1,646 votes in an election in which only 30,383 alumni voted), putting him in the same boat as a fellow Harvard Law grad and reasonably well-known political figure, Barack H. Obama. Taking into account the considerable difficulties facing any petition candidate for the Board of Overseers (who must first secure hundreds of alumni signatures just to appear on the ballot), Harvey had a great "shake-things-up" campaign. And with the lessons learned this year, he is looking forward to a possible 2010 run. Have any keen campaign ideas? Send them to

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